Young Rich and Kenyan-Billionaire at only 25 yrs

At ONLY 25 yrs of Age Heshan De Silva is a Venture Capitalist who has  now a

multi-million business empire ,The De Silva Group.

Now for those of you who don’t know who is a venture capitalist or venture capital.

Check out  the definitions below

Venture capital (VC) is financial capital provided to early-stage, high-potential, high risk, growth startup companies. The venture capital fund makes money by owning equity in the companies it invests in, which usually have a novel technology or business model in high technology industries, such as biotechnology, IT and software.

A venture  capitalist  is a person who makes venture investments, and these venture capitalists are expected to bring managerial and technical expertise as well as capiHeshantal to their investments.

Source :Wikipedia

He says he started his business

with 10,000 shillings ONLY yeah ONLY.


Its a Youtube Video 24 mins  long .

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